Passenger Vessels & Mega Yachts: Color line


Color Line is Norway's largest and one of Europe's leading cruise and transport shipping companies, with about 2,340 man-years, six ships in four countries.


In all, Loipart has delivered full galley equipment for four new Color Line vessels:

  • Color Fantasy (2004) New building at Kvaerner Masa Yard (STX Finland Cruise), Åbo, Finland. Capacity 2,750 passengers.
  • Color Magic (2007) New building at Aker Finnyards Varv Åbo/Aker Finnyards Raumo, Finland. The worlds largest cruise ferry. Capacity 2,750 passengers.
  • MS SuperSpeed 1 (2007) New building at Aker yards, Rauma Finland. (Converted 2011.) Capacity 2,315  passengers.
  • Ms SuperSpeed 2 (2007) New building at Aker Yards, Rauma Finland. Capacity 1,929 passengers.

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