Offshore Structures: T-15 and T-16

T-15 and T-16

2013 the Cosco (Nantong) shipyard will deliver two Tender Assisted Drilling (TAD) rigs. T-15 and T-16 are self-erecting, pairing an advanced design Light Weight Drilling Equipment Set with an upgraded T-12 type monohull barge.


There's more goodies for the off shores specialist: simultaneous offline stand building, cementing, and electric line logging capabilities combined with a DES designed to rig move using only three heavy lifts creates unmatched efficiencies. The new unit is particularly well suited for production drilling in the equatorial region continental shelves.

Loipart´s commitment

Loipart supplied all machines for galley and laundry areas together with refrigerators, water and juice machines, microwave ovens, coolers, coffe machines etc. for engine control room, wheelhouse, cabins, hospital, day rooms and duty mess.

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