Offshore Structures: Floatel Victory


The Swedish company Floatel International is increasing its fleet by building a third vessel, the harsh environment semi submersible Floatel Victory, which is currently under construction and is due for delivery in early 2014.


Floatel Victory is an accommodation and construction Support Vessel designed to meet the latest UK HSE regulatory requirements for operating in the toughest environmental conditions in the world. Floatel Victory is capable of lodging 500 people..

Loipart´s commitment

Loipart provided design planning and CAD-drawings for te commissary spaces in close cooperation with the Floatel AB. The total scope of supply of foodservice products include preparation appliances, hot food cooking lines including horizontal height adjustable units, refrigeration and thawing systems,  stainless steel furniture, dishwashing and waste handling – all in NORSOK execution and with 3ph products built for 480V 60hz. We also supply the laundry systems for keeping all of those coveralls and other textiles clean and tidy

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