Quality as a habit

USPH, NORSOK, SOLAS, CE, MARPOL, GOST and ISO are all parts of our daily work. But quality is about more than just standards.


Quality is always related to objective facts as well as subjective feelings.

First and foremost

All our internal procedures are formalised, from procurement to delivery and from new ideas to the inbuilt benefits of our products. Each installation meets all possible current international maritime standards and regulations.

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”

For us, quality is the result of a cultural environment. The quality of our work can never exceed the quality of the minds at Loipart that create it.

When it comes to our extensive range of products, we leave the manufacturing to experts from all over the world, carefully chosen by us. 

Our aim is however to make a positive contribution to sustainable development both through our operations and our products. It includes working to reduce energy consumption and emissions. We are always seeking new, technically and economically better solutions. As an example, all our elements are CFC and HCFC free.

It’s all about sustainability. In a global business, we strive to be a responsible player.

Quality comes in the details

In all our products there are hundreds of large and small details that jointly contribute to a quality experience – details that you are aware of in your daily work on board. A few examples:

  • Elements fitting precisely together without any gaps or corners that are difficult to clean.
  • Stainless steel. Preferably the A304 quality which guarantees long-lasting operation.
  • Brass inlet valves are standard for extra reliability at high incoming water temperatures on our modular rack dishwashers.
  • Thick side reinforcements (3 mm wide) guarantee a watertight connection between modules in our Thermaline range.
  • Smooth, rounded top panel makes cleaning easy on our laundry machines.
  • Large diameter opening on our laundry machines for easy loading and unloading. A door that opens nearly 180 degrees.
  • Another example is our high-quality door for cold rooms and freezers that are A-60 fire rated. Instead of two separate doors, the cold room only needs one. Comes with an MED type approval.

Environmental Policy

Loipart AB sells and distributes catering equipment for installation on board ships.
Our customers are shipyards, ships and offshore units worldwide.

We will through our actions be a part of the creating of an environmentally friendly society in terms of both visceral, such as external environment, by:

- Comply with laws, regulations and other requirements.
- Work towards continuous improvement of our environmental performance
- Make every effort to get our customers to choose environmentally friendly packaging
and transportation options
- Require environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging and environmentally
friendly transportation options from our suppliers.
- Educate our buyers in safe and environmentally friendly product use.
- Influencing our staff to travel green.
- A structured approach to our waste.
- Choosing stationeries- and furniture for long-term consumption